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Jennifer Turliuk - CEO, MakerKids

"I've never seen anything like it before and I think it's a great idea... I particularly liked the simplicity of use."

Mark Hatch - CEO, TechShop

"Very, very simple and elegant approach to the functionality."

Darell Etherington - Writer, Techcrunch

"I feel like the choices of materials for the project really makes it seem like it's something I can go down to my local hardware store, pick up the parts, and build my own desk. I think this is a fairly contemporary issue and it is really great that there is a design out there that will help us make one on our own."

HANDS ON in Kaptár Community Office in the centre at Révay köz 4.!

DESIGNERS or ARTISTS wanted! Let us build YOUR SPRIGLIFT design! Plz call!

Budapest 2015

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A truly unique design that massively deviates from commercial alternatives. It applies an elegantly-simple, spring-based counterbalancing mechanism. No electric components are involved.

Use your own ideas to customize it, create your mods! You can make it yourself, hire a local maker or we'll craft it for you. In any case, the desk is made-to-measure with your very own height preference.

As featured in:


Quick and smooth switching between sitting and standing levels: just grab the desktop with one hand and pull it towards you to raise or lower it. It's that simple. There are no control buttons or brake levers to push!

Impressions from Maker Faire Rome 2015

The shelf system is fixed. It provides an easily accessible additional storage surface - enabling to keep the desktop clean and tidy. You have plenty of room for your legs too, beneath the desktop as well as in front of the desk.

The desk is stable: the desktop is fixed in the final sit/stand positions by the desktop weight and spring force. It can hold up to 20 Kg including a desktop, e.g. two monitors and a plywood desktop. It must be placed at least 50mm from the wall. Note that the monitor stand is not part of the desk.



We have good news for you: you can create this beautiful desk by yourself! Making is an enjoyable activity and fabrication plans allow you to create your own version.

Start at any stage: ready to fabricate custom components using common tools? Or do you want to assemble parts together from an assembly kit shipped to you? The choice is yours!

Assembling the components of the desk is great fun, sometimes you will need to think through it carefully. However, you are safe from doing anything irreversibly wrong. A detailed, zoom-able and rotatable 3D model (SketchUp) and close-up photos will guide you. Basic builder tools like a screwdriver and wrenches are needed along with a hand drill machine .

Exact component dimensions and positions of holes on them are calculated by software based on kinetic models, according to given desk size settings. Raising and lowering the desktop is easy no matter how big the desk!

Play, discover, build! This exciting DIY adventure lasts a couple of days depending mainly on how much you fancy fabricating and customizing your creation.

3d models and blueprints are licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. On this website you find sample specifications generated for a SPRINGLIFT desk with a desktop height of 74 cm (sitting) and 125 cm (standing). Please scroll down to order 3d models and blueprints along with an assembly kit with your custom height settings.


Below is a short list of the desk's parts. We've highlighted the materials we applied which you can deviate from to your liking. We've also commented on the availability of these components in shops or indicated how difficult it is to fabricate them:


Base materials of the frame are beautiful, unpolished stainless steel square tubes, angles, flat bars, pipes and galvanized steel threaded rods; available in most metal shops. These materials need to be cut to size and holes need to be drilled into most of them. No welding is needed. There is a chance you can order them cut-to-size. It is relatively easy to hire a metalsmith to cut & drill the frame components.

BEAT THE METAL! Stainless steel is not the easiest metal to form and machine. You need a drill press, special drill bits and refined techniques to create holes into it. You find these tools in an open workshop, where you can freely experiment to acquire some routine. Start slow and try with a smaller piece of square tube. It is worth the effort; the reward is extreme satisfaction and a universal skill useful later in other DIY projects.

TIP: CUSTOMIZE! Stainless steel is only one option for the material of the frame. There are quite some other proper and easier-to-machine materials to choose from. You can even apply some coating or finish with color - the possibilities are endless. By customizing the frame you have substantial control on the look & feel of your desk!


Good quality birch plywood: you only see natural wood patterns on the surface.

Plywood is available at most woodworking shops in various qualities. Shops usually slice the sheets to size for a small fee. The shelf plates need to be drilled - an easy operation with a hand machine drill. They can be treated with oil, wax, lacquer or glazing paint for higher resistance and easy care.

TIP: CUSTOMIZE! Consider other materials! Idea: choose one that gives the frame even more exposure! Even when you stick to plywood, it is worth checking out the sortiment in a nearby woodworking shop and select the one you like the most. Some shops can laser-cut plywood to any shape you want. Customizing the desktop and shelves can make a big difference!


We use very nice ball-bearing pulleys with stainless steel wheel and stainless steel extension springs. Only a professional can fabricate them. It can take some time to find a shop offering affordable wire pulleys or extension springs with appropriate strength and dimensions.

By the way, do you know why these pulleys are needed?


These are custom elements made of aluminium alloy and plywood connecting the desktop and shelves to the steel frame, fabricated from U-profile and L-profile angels, widely available in metal shops. Easy fabrication: cut to size with a saw and drill holes with a hand drilling machine.


Fasteners like bolts, screws, nuts, washers; bearings for smooth and silent operation; some miscellaneous components like carabiners, wire ropes, square tube plugs.

All widely available in hardware shops.

Build your own SPRINGLIFT desk!




Get the most essential components from us and build the frame, shelves, desktop and everything else your way.

Includes: pulleys & springs, plans and instructions to create or buy the rest.

DIY: Acquire material from a metal shop and build the frame and connectors. Buy material for the shelves and the top and plywood from a woodworking shop, for example. Acquire fasteners & bearings from a hardware shop. Assemble the parts.

difficulty: +++++
estimated project duration: 1-3 weeks


We ship the frame together with all other metal components. You take care of the shelves and desktop yourself.

Includes: pulleys & springs, hand-crafted steel frame, fasteners & bearings, aluminium connectors.

DIY: Buy and build the shelves and the top based on detailed plans and instructions. You can buy plywood and apply a custom finish. Assemble the parts.

difficulty: +++++
estimated project duration: 3-5 days


We deliver all the components to you.

Includes: pulleys & springs, hand-crafted steel frame, fasteners & bearings, aluminium connectors, desktop & shelves.

DIY: Apply a finish of your choice on the desktop and shelves. Assemble the parts. Note that we are happy to PREASSEMBLE them for you!

difficulty: +++++ EUR 599
estimated project duration: 2-3 days or 30 min. if preassembled


Balázs Torma

Phone: +36 30 788 2390


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Special thanks go to the following amazing people: Máté Gorondy, Sándor Manno, Ádám Szigeti, Emese Szűcs, Zoltán Torma

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Vax: How would you baby-proof the spring and lever assemblies in the legs?Tor: Good question!Tor: You could cover the area in front of the springs with some plexi pane, so that the spring are isolated but still visible.
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Tom Voute: i think your design is great.Tom Voute: i'm a fan of standing desks ever since IMC posted about them:Tom Voute: https://plus.google.com/102248019367624760874/posts/jcfHQTiFyTZ .Tom Voute: see my cover picture https://plus.google.com/collection/cRfCZ - your design is nicerTor: Thx Tom & amsterdamtrader.com
Gabor: I think it's very cool, certainly from pov of functionality.Gabor: I suggest you lock the desktop in the sitting state...Gabor: ... I often pull myself closer to the desk when sitting on a rolling chair ...Gabor: this move would be problematic with your desk, wouldn't it?Tor: thx for your feedback, Gabor.Tor: a great feature of the design is that it does not use any locking explicitlyTor: the desktop gets fixed automatically.Tor: When a rolling chair is available for me, I will try your usecase!Tor: Perhaps the desktop would not raise, since a strictly horizontal force has only small raising power!
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